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Improving your customers' experience

  • Find and Alert on specific words unique to your business
  • Understand the sentiment of your customers and your agents towards your customers
  • Unlock insights from your customer interactions and gain the tools to measure and improve your business for better customer engagement and experience.
  • If you’re wondering how to improve customer satisfaction in your business, the answer is gaining the insights to understand their experience and take actions to improve your customer’s experience.
  • Record calls and track customer sentiment over time so you can anticipate and manage the customer journey
  • Automatically get emailed conversations with low sentiment so negative experiences can be identified and proactively corrected.
  • Identify how your customers are responding to different conversations in your business.
  • Have the data at hand and know how to improve and coach your telephone operators.
  • Deliver customer excellence and drive customer experience and build trust
  • Build customer retention and loyalty through insight and personalization
  • IXCloud gives you a single recording repository with a friendly easy to use user interface available across platforms, get access to all recorded calls as well as powerful analytics from anywhere and on the go.
  • We want to help you improve the experience of your customers with call recording for customer care.

Perfecting Quality Management

  • Automate workflows based on key performance indicators
  • Train the best with the best

Service Providers

  • Open API to provision and manage your customers and their users
  • Leverage you IXCloud recording engine and create your own apps